Dear parents,


This week has been exciting!  We have been getting to know each other by sharing information and making books and crafts about ourselves.


We have learned about Kelso’s choices and have practiced resolving small problems in role plays.

Please see more information about Kelso’s choices on our blog page:


Also, children began going to specialist classes.  On this blog page you will find the specialist schedule for each class:


Thank you for bringing all the class materials the first day!  We are asking for more folders this year because the students will be in charge of organizing a portfolio for each unit.  Please bring your child’s extra clothes box as soon as possible!


Some students will begin reading homework on Monday and then math and writing homework at a later date.  Other students will begin reading homework depending on individual readiness.  There is no math homework for kindergarten, but we encourage families to do math for fun as much as possible.  Please read the information about the homework routines on the blog:


Sharing time (show and tell) will begin on Monday the 14th.  We will send you a schedule so you know your child’s day.


Thank you for helping us kick off another great year.  We encourage you to review the other parts of the blog and let us know if you have any questions.


Welcome back!


John & Esther, k1 team