Dear parents,

We have a few reminders to share with you in this week’s k1 newsletter:

First, there are no classes on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Also, we hope you can participate in next Friday’s big events:


1) GDay for Grandparents & Grandfriends, 9:00 A.M.-11:30 A.M. at MIS (Parents encouraged to volunteer or register as “grandfriends.” RSVP to the Office by Oct. 3rd)

2) Workshops celebrating Day of the Dead cultural traditions, 1:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M. at MIS (Parents are encouraged to volunteer or join the fun.)

3) MIS’s 1st Annual Fall Family Fiesta & Fundraiser at the Ranch Club,  4:30 P.M.-10:00 P.M. BBQ, Hayrides, and more!
Meet the Whizpops and join the fun! (Parents needed to volunteer! All families and friends invited! RSVP to the Office by Oct. 13th)

Here is some more information about what is going on next week in K1 classes:

High Frequency Words Resource –  On Monday all students will receive flash cards to cut out and practice throughout the year at home. Kindergarteners will receive 26 words and first graders will receive 52.  Our goal is that students can read these at first glance by the end of the year.   Please encourage them to keep them organized in an envelope and to practice reading them frequently until they are easy to read at first glance.  This is not an official homework assignment but a resource that we highly encourage you to use with your child.

Math Family Activities Resource – On Monday first graders will receive a list of family activities that can be done any time to support the units of math throughout the year.  The daily homework pages indicate the current unit we are working on.  Kindergarteners will also receive a list of family activities and they are organized by quarter with each quarter lasting about 2 1/2 months.  This is not an official homework assignment but a resource that we highly encourage you to use with your child.

Unit of Inquiry Portfolios – One of our goals at MIS this year is to increase the visibility of what students are learning in class.  Therefore, at the end of every unit we will send two things for you to review with your child:

  1. Unit portfolio.  This is a collection of your child’s work.
  2. Unit report card.  This shows your child’s development of skills as well and his/her understanding of the central idea demonstrated in the summative assessment.  There will also be a section for you to write any comments about any action your child has taken outside of school as a result of his/her learning at school.  This is very valuable for us, so thanks in advance for this feedback.

On Monday, we will send the portfolio and report card for “Who We Are.”  Please return the report card and portfolio to class by Wednesday, October 22nd.  They will be sharing these portfolios on Gday.

Have an enjoyable long weekend!

John and Esther, k1 team