Dear parents,

Here is some new information for the coming weeks:

Unit of inquiry


Please mark your calendar if you are able to attend the following class presentation. Students will be giving an oral presentation about How We Organize Ourselves and the central idea: The place where we live affects the way we live.

  • Tuesday, Dec 2 – 2:30 to 3:15 – Esther’s class in Esther’s room
  • Wednesday, Dec 3 – 2:30 to 3:15 – John’s class in John’s room


Next week students will be building house models according to the following natural regions of the world. We are going to buy the majority of the materials, but we would like to extend the invitation to students to bring materials from home to share with their group and with other groups if they wish.

For example, a student building a home in the desert can bring small toys of desert plants and animals and small stones to create the scene.


Here is what we will buy for this project and that students are welcome to bring as well if you have extra around the house:

Arctic: sugar cubes, marshmallows (Intza, Kayla, Elodie, Sadie, Brynlee

Mountains: stones, small stone bricks, marshmallows (Holly, Rowan, Alex, Michael, Jasper)

Prairie: tortillas, skewers (Astra, Sebastian, Armaan, Fischer)

Coast:  sticks, straw (Felix, Jackson)

Rainforest: green or yellow straws, grass or straw (Isaiah, Land, Fiona, Stefanie)

Desert: clay, playdough, small clay bricks (Camila, Isaac, Indy, Damia, Ezekiel, Colin)


If there are any other good ideas you have for things to build the house models with, please feel free to bring them.

All materials need to be brought by Tuesday, November 18.


Conference parking information from the office:

  • No parking in the drop off area in the morning.
  • Please be thoughtful about visiting in the hallways after conferences if there’s a morning conference.  We need all the parking we can get in front of the building in the mornings.
  • Be sure to let the before/after care people know if your child is there because of a conference; there is no charge for children in extended care if there here for a conference.

Conference schedules were sent via email. See you next week at the conferences.



K1 team