Dear parents,

Unit of Inquiry Portfolios – Sharing the Planet

This week students completed their summative assessment of the unit.  They worked in pairs to choose a living thing, conduct research, and create a poster and presentation about the habitat, life cycle, physical characteristics, and other interesting facts.  They also finished preparing their unit portfolios, which they will bring home next week to share with you.  Please return the second page with feedback about the inquiry and action your observed at home as a result of this unit.

Unit of Inquiry – How the World Works

This week students in K/1 shifted their focus to our yearlong unit of inquiry, How the World Works: The Weather.   Here is more information about this unit:

Central Idea:

Changes in weather features affect our environment.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • How weather can be predicted by observing changes.  (change)
  • How different tools give us useful weather data.  (function)
  •  Weather patterns and how they affect the environment.  (causation)

Related Concepts:

climate, forces and energy, natural phenomena, data handling, measurement

If you or someone you know is an expert in these concepts and would like to give a short presentation to the classes, please contact your child’s teacher.

Also, please encourage your child to bring objects or projects created at home that are related to our 4 inquiry centers:  precipitation, wind, temperature, and other weather features.

Student-led conferences

We want to thank all the students and families for celebrating the learning accomplishments during the student-led conferences this week and next.  We look forward to working with the students to help them reach their new learning goals.

Notes from the Office

  • Leaving School Before June 12?
    • Please let the office know if your child is leaving the school for summer before June 12 (last day of school).
  • Library Reminders: Last day to check out books is May 10
    • Library Books should be returned by May 31.  A list of overdue books will be placed in your child’s cubby by next week.
    • SILVERWOOD TICKETS ARE HERE!  If your child turned in a reading log during I Love to Read month and read more than 10 hours (600 minutes), they earned  a free ticket to Silverwood Theme Park. Those tickets will be in their homework folder on Thursday afternoon. Your child’s name will be on the ticket. There are no replacement tickets.
  • Spanish Speaking at the Farmers Market
    • Kate and Addy from the Hellgate High School IB Spanish class are looking for Spanish speakers to talk to at our local Clark Fork farmers market every Saturday this May.

Have a great weekend,

k/1 team