Dear parents,

Unit of inquiry

Please ask your children to tell you about their learning this week around the following questions:

Who works in community?  How do they help the people in the community satisfy their basic needs?  What are some basic needs of all people around the world?

Next week, we will begin parent interviews about occupations and how their services help the community in different ways.

So far, we only have one interview scheduled.  So, please contact your child’s teacher by email if you’d like to schedule a time to come to class to present about your profession or role and the communities you serve.  Generally, these interviews take place at 9:15.  They will happen during the next couple of weeks.

Raz kids – Online Reading Resource in Spanish

You and your child can now access reading material in Spanish at home.   Children can choose to listen to or read books at their level and can developing research skills by making connections to our units of inquiry.

To access go to the link below and select your teacher’s name.  (Some teacher pages are still under construction and will be available very soon)  Then, select your child’s name.   The password is their first name beginning with a capital letter.  In the book room, select the option for books in Spanish and then select a book.  This is an optional resource for your family to access and share reading in Spanish.


  • Some students began their homework routine this week and others will begin later. Please help them to bring their folder back to class every day so teachers can check and help them with the new routine.
  • Don’t forget to register to attend GDay, which will be held on October 16. Grandparents, Grandfriends, Parents, Friends are ALL WELCOME (but please register!)

Have a great weekend!

k/1 team