Dear k/1 families,

Unit of Inquiry – How We Organize Ourselves

This week students experienced the Class Store Project in which they received $10 of play money each day and had to choose what school supplies they would buy.  They made a new purchase each day during 3 days.  This gave them the opportunity to reflect about their decisions and find a good balance of what they need and want to do good work as students.

Some students chose to save money for something special and sacrifice using a chair or table.  All were instructed to buy their food and jackets because these are universal needs.  But they had money left over for other important purchases, too.  Many different perspectives arose regarding the needs and wants of students.

Here are some questions you can ask your children to know more about their learning:

What did you buy in the class store project?  Why?

Were you responsible with your decision and able to do your work?

How did you find a balance between your needs and wants?

Next week students will discuss some needs that money can’t buy.  They will also continue to explore occupations and how people in the community help us satisfy needs and wants.

Interviews about Parent Occupations

We are still looking for parents who would like to participate an interview by the students about their occupation.  The interview typically starts at 9:15 and lasts about 15 minutes.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you’d like to come present to the classes.

Grandparents and Grandfriends Day

On Wednesday, students will share their learning from How We Organize Ourselves with guests in a Gday workshop.  Students will share their learning in the community in two different activities.  In the first activity, students and grandparents or guests will draw and write about different needs and wants to share diverse perspectives.  In the second activity, students and grandparents or guests will make portraits of each other that portray how they feel at that moment.

Raz kids student accounts are ready

All students have been added to one account and should be working properly now.  Teachers will adjust the levels throughout the year, but please let us know if you feel there is an error or if something isn’t working.

Here are the steps to find reading material at home in Spanish at your child’s level.


  1. Go to this website on your device or computer:
  2.  Type or select teacher name: k1MISinternational
  3.  Select your child’s name
  4.  Type password (child’s first name beginning with capital letter)
  5.  Select reading room
  6. Select Spanish
  7.  Your child may choose a book to listen to or read.  Some books have comprehension questions as well.

Have a great weekend!

k/1 team