Dear parents,

Unit of Inquiry – Where We Are in Place and Time

This week we started our inquiry into the central idea with a focus on what the families in our classes celebrate.  Students completed a research project in which they gathered information about 3 of their family’s celebrations.

We also began inquiring deeper into birthdays and fall celebrations like Halloween and Day of the Dead.  Next week we will continue exploring the concepts around Thanksgiving and also begin to look at spring celebrations like Earth Day and Easter.

As you discuss the unit with your child, we encourage you to use the follow questions we are exploring in class:

What special occasions or holidays do people celebrate?

When do people celebrate this special occasion?

Where do people celebrate this occasion?

Why do people celebrate this occasion? 

Here is some information about the new unit of inquiry:

Central Idea:

Families and other groups of people come together to celebrate traditions.


Perspective, Causation, Form

Related Concepts:

Chronology, Cultures, Family, Tradition, Global Influence

Lines of Inquiry:

  • An inquiry into what, where and when people celebrate.
  • An inquiry into the reasons why we celebrate.
  • How to appreciate and respect celebrations from other cultures.

Volunteer Opportunity

If you would like to give a short presentation or organize a child-friendly activity that relates to Celebrations Around the World, please contact your child’s teacher.  Presentations usually take place at 9:15 and will occur from about November 25 to January 10.

Student Action

K/1 students are invited to bring something from home that relates to Celebrations Around the World to share with the class and place in our unit of inquiry center.

Food Bank Collection

A group of older students at MIS has invited the k/1 classes to participation in a food drive for the Missoula Food Bank.  Please encourage your child to donate food items to the box in the classrooms during the next two weeks.

Have a great weekend,

k/1 team