Dear k/1 families,

Unit of Inquiry – Where We Are in Place and Time

This week students learned about Eid Al Fitr, Hannukah, Feria de las Flores, and Christmas to inquire more about family traditions around the world.  We will conclude our unit of inquiry, Where We Are in Place and Time, after the break.  For the final project, students will work in groups to create a new celebration.  They will use the unit questions and mental maps to choose and organize their ideas.  We encourage you to discuss the unit questions with your child during the holidays.

What do families celebrate?

Why do they celebrate this occasion?

Who celebrates this holiday?

When is it celebrated?

Where is it celebrated?

How do people celebrate? 

What traditions do they share?

New Unit of Inquiry 

In January, we will begin our next unit, How We Express Ourselves.

Central idea:  Works of art may allow us to communicate our feelings and ideas in creative ways.

Please any of the following to help us gather materials for this unit:  wrapping paper rolls, tissue rolls, magazines, milk cartons.
Ice Skating Program

Thank you for turning in yours form for ice skating program, January 7 to 10.


Thank you for volunteering to help at our class parties today.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with your children every day.  We look forward to celebrating with everyone at the holiday party.

Felices Fiestas,

k/1 team