Unit of Inquiry – How We Express Ourselves

This week in k/1 classes, students explored more art forms to express their ideas and feelings.  They created animated stories using Scratch animation and they are improving their graphic design, programming, and story writing skills.  Students in k/1 also explored some features of theater and will develop and perform plays next week in the classrooms.

The following week, students will create their final project for unit.  Each child will choose one of the art forms explored in class that best allows him or her to express creativity.  They will plan, create, and present this piece to the class.

k/1 Design Fair

Don’t forget to mark your calendar to come see your child’s creative express at our annual k/1 Design Fair.

March 11, 2:30 to 3:00 in MIS gym – John’s class

March 12, 2:30 to 3:00 in MIS gym – Amparo’s class

Have a great weekend,

k/1 team

Amparo and John