Hello K/1 Families,

Unit of Inquiry

This week in K/1 classes, students continued inquiry into How We Express Ourselves by exploring some features of theater to interpret familiar stories. They also created original plays using scripts, masks, costumes, and a stage.

In addition, K/1 students are continuing to develop stories using robotics and animation that they will share with friends and families on March 11 (John’s class) and March 12 (Amparo’s class) at the annual K/1 Design Fair. We’ll see you there!

Student in K/1 are finishing the unit How We Express Ourselves with a final project.  Each student will choose the form of art they feel allows them to express their ideas and feelings.  Then they will plan, create, reflect on, and present their work of art to others.

Please encourage your child to tell you about his or her artistic expression in the unit and final project.

Next Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

Here is some information about the next unit we will explore:

Central Idea:

Reflecting on our physical characteristics may help us appreciate our similarities and differences.

Key Concepts:

Connection, Reflection, Change

Related Concepts:

Growth, Heredity, Data Handling, Measurement

Lines of Inquiry:

  • How we inherit physical characteristics from our parents.
  • How we respect the physical characteristics of other people with words and actions
  • How our physical characteristics change over time.

I Love to Read Month

March is “I Love to Read” month at MIS and we encourage all MIS students to build habits as readers.  We sent home reading logs on Wednesday for children to keep track of all minutes that they read or listen to books at home.  This includes reading any kind of reading material including Raz Kids.  If you need a new copy of your child’s reading log please let your child’s teacher know.

Have a great weekend,
John and Amparo