Dear K/1 families,

We hope that you enjoyed your Spring Break and had time to rest and have fun with family.

This week we so dearly miss all of our students in K/1 and wish we could meet in person as usual.  However, during this time of social distancing, we teachers would like to continue to help our groups strengthen connections as a classroom community with these two goals in mind:

  • Provide opportunities to support social-emotional needs of students

  • Provide opportunities to share learning with each other

We will begin our k/1 remote learning program on Monday, March 30.

Here is an outline of some of the resources we will use to provide these opportunities.

Google Classroom: This is the hub of our remote learning community.  It is the place where students will receive lessons, assignments, and links that will take them to other resources.

MIS has created a Google account for each student. You will be provided with a username and password and your child will then have access to an invitation to his/her Google Classroom.  Students will not need to use Gmail but will need assistance accepting the invitation to join the Google Classroom.

Attached to this email you will find a .pdf document giving step-by-step instructions for logging into Google Classroom.

3CX: This is where the groups will attend a daily Morning Meeting at 10:00am and be able to interact with each other in a live video conference.

This is also where groups of 3 or 4 students will meet once a week with a teacher in a live video conference for guided reading lessons. Google Classroom will take them there when they click on the link in the assignment.

Flipgrid: This is where students will respond to certain assignments by creating video responses. Google Classroom will take them there when they click on the link in the assignment. Students will use their account information to access flipgrid. Here is a link to help you become familiar with this resource.  Flipgrid

Raz Kids: This is where students will complete reading assignments at their individual reading level. This is also where students will access texts that they will use to complete writing assignments. Google Classroom will take them there when they click on the link in the assignment.  However, follow these steps to login to Raz kids if your child hasn’t used it previously on the device.

1. Go to this website on your device or computer:

2.  Type or select teacher name: k1MISinternational

3.  Select your child’s name

4.  Type password (child’s first name beginning with capital letter)

Everyday Math Online: This is where students will access assigned math games. Access to be shared later in google classroom.

Khan Academy: This is where students will access assigned math practice exercises.

Blog K1: Updates on new information~  The blog will continue to be updated weekly.

Below you will find a brief description of what the distance learning schedule may look like. The schedule is a proposal and it is flexible to follow at home according to the needs of the family and the child. However, we will have some set times where we want to meet as a whole group and in small groups for real time learning. This will strengthen our relationships in our K/1 community and support your child’s learning. Other learning will occur without real time interaction; students will complete activities at their convenience to support their learning.

Real time Learning: The link to access the meeting will be posted in Google Classroom everyday.

  • Everyday at 10:00 we will meet for about 15-20 minutes for a Morning Meeting where we will greet each other, share personal information, have a whole group activity to connect us all and read a message to set a daily goal for our distance learning.

  • Everyday at 10:20, teachers will work with small groups to support reading in Spanish.  These small groups will meet once a week and specific times will be listed in Google Classroom.

Flexible Time Learning:

  • Math assignments – Math lessons will be recorded by the teacher and added in the google classroom. Students can use them at their convenience to support the completion of math assignments.

  • Writing assignments – Writing lessons and assignments will be added daily in Google Classroom and students can complete work flexibly during the day.

  • Reading assignments – Independent reading assignments will be given in Raz kids and students can complete these tasks flexibly.

  • Teacher office hours – Every day K/1 teachers will be available to support your child and you with your questions. There are two different ways to contact teachers:

  1. Google Classroom: This is where students can ask questions to teachers.

  2. Email: Parents can send an email to the teacher. Teachers will have frequent access to email outside of the real time learning classes. We will respond as quickly as possible during the regular school hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. During the times below, we will be available for a more rapid response.

John: [email protected] 

Monday-Thursday 12:30 to 1:30

Amparo: [email protected]

Monday-Thursday 12:30 to 1:30

Here is a suggested schedule similar to our typical classroom routine to help your child organize his or her at-home school day:

9:00-10:00: Inquiry / Guided Play

10:00-10:20: Morning Meeting on 3CX

10:20-11:30: Literacy Time

11:30-12:15: Lunch

12:15-12:45: Quiet Time (offline)

12:45-1:30: Music/ Art/ PE /Library

1:30-2:00: Outside Play

2:00-3:00: Math


On Monday, March 30, we will formally begin our remote learning program. In the meantime, we encourage you and your child to do the following:

  • Gather learning materials in a comfortable space where your child can work:  paper, pencils, crayons or colored pencils, folder to store completed work, and an electronic device.

  • Set up a play center including building supplies such as blocks or LEGOs and art supplies.

  • Get set up with Google Classroom by accessing your child’s Google account and accepting the invitation to join your child’s Google Classroom.

  • Login to your child’s Raz kids account for reading in Spanish at his/her reading level.

  • Explore other resources mentioned above.

We are all working together as learners.  We want to learn how to provide the best remote learning experiences as possible for your child.  Please be patient if technology doesn’t always work or if we need to make some changes as we go.

We hope that all students will be able to take advantage of the opportunities we will provide.  However, we understand that full participation might not always be possible.

As we begin the program next week, please give us feedback if things are or aren’t working well for you.  If there is anything we can do to improve, please let us know.

We miss you all so much!


K/1 teachers

Amparo and John