Dear k/1 families,

This week students and teachers in k/1 continued “working from home” in their remote learning program.  Teachers are very grateful for the parents and caretakers for helping children with these remote learning experiences.  We enjoy interacting with them in our circles  and in guided reading lessons.

We are also enjoying watching the Flipgrid videos students are recording to share their learning.  Did you know that students can respond to each others’ Flipgrid videos?

Unit of Inquiry

We are continuing our current unit of inquiry, Who We Are, with discussions, games, and activities related the central idea:

“Reflecting on our physical characteristics (and who we are) can help us appreciate our similarities and differences.”

Next week, we invite students to show appreciation to each other by responding with encouraging feedback and kind words to each others’ Flipgrid videos.  Here are some unit questions to talk about with your child:

What can you do to show someone you appreciate them?

What can you say to show someone you appreciate them?

How can you respond to your classmates’ Flipgrid videos to show that you appreciate them?

Have a great weekend,

k/1 team