Dear k / 1 families,

We are very pleased with the participation of k/1 students in our remote learning program.   In our daily meetings, it is fun to spend some time together and share learning.  We also appreciate seeing the learning that students are sharing with each other in FlipGrid related to the daily assignments.

In both the morning circles and Flipgrid videos they share, we see that students are continuing to build meaningful relationships with each other.  These relationships are very positive for our learning.

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

We continue exploring our current unit, Who We Are, with discussions, games, activities, and assignments related to the central idea:

“Reflecting on our physical characteristics (and who we are) can help us appreciate our similarities and differences.”

Here are some unit questions to discuss at home:

How have you grown and changed since you were born?

What is something different about you that makes you feel proud?

What can you do to show respect or appreciation to someone that is different than you? 

New Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet

Next week we will begin a new unit of inquiry with the following central idea:

“Water is a limited resource that requires care.”

Next Wednesday, April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!  In circle, we will be sharing ways our families celebrate Earth Day and how we can all do our part to share the planet.   Teachers are developing assignments related to Earth Day for next Wednesday.

Have an excellent weekend,

k / 1 team