Dear k/1 families,

We are so impressed with all of the great work our k/1 students and families are doing with the remote learning experiences.  Thank you!

New Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet

Students in K/1 continued to explore our new unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, with games, experiments, and activities with water.

Here are some questions we encourage you to discuss at home with your child:
Where is water found? What do you use water for? Where does water come from? Where does water go? How do you know if water is in solid, liquid or gas state? How do you create a science experiment? What causes water to change its state? What can we do to take care of water? How can we use water responsibly?

Teacher Office Hours

We wanted to remind you of teacher office hours every day.  John’s office hours are 12:30 to 1:30 and Amparo’s office hours are 11:30 to 12:30.  If your child has a question about any of the daily assignments, he or she can meet with the teacher at this time in 3CX for further instruction and clarification.  Just send your child’s teacher an email or your child can send a private message in Google Classroom.  We’re always available during office hours to meet with your child in the video conference room for some one on one support.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences begin next week.  If you have not already planned a conference time with your child’s teacher, please send your availability to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. Conferences will be held via video conference.

Have a great weekend,

k/1 team