Dear k/1 families,


Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet

This week k/1 students concluded our unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, and conducted science experiments to learn about water pollution.  They shared advice for preventing water pollution and also tips for conserving this limited resource.

Here are some more unit of inquiry questions we encourage you to discuss with your child:

What are some causes of water pollution?

How do you know if water is polluted?

Where do we find clean water for drinking?

What can you do to prevent water pollution?

How much water is there in the world?

Why is it important to save water?

What can you do to save water?

Unit of Inquiry – How the World Works

Next week k/1 classes will continue exploring our unit of inquiry, How the World Works, with some exciting science experiments involving balls and ramps.

Central Idea:  Experimenting with materials and technologies may help us solve problems and understand how things work.

Lines of Inquiry

  • How problem-solving is a process that allows us to learn (reflection)
  • An inquiry into how materials work together (function)
  • How forces affect the way objects move (causation)

 Schedule End of Year Events for K/1 Students

Please mark your calendar with these end of the year events.

Last day of specialist class assignments


Thursday, May 28
Last day of math, reading, and writing assignments and last day of small reading groups.

(However, we will provide a list of off-screen activities for June 1 to 5).

Friday, May 29
Last day of daily circle and end of the year class celebration in 3CX


Friday, June 5
Student checkout – Pick up portfolio of work in cubby and drop off library books and any borrowed devices (See schedule based on last name.) Monday, June 8 and Tuesday, June 9
Report Cards are released.


Friday, June 12

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend,

k/1 team