Dear k/1 families,

Unit of Inquiry – How the World Works

This week students in k/1 created their final projects of the unit, How the World Works.  After two weeks of experiments learning about how balls and ramps work together, the children created their own balls and ramps systems.  First, they gathered materials from around the house.  Then, they experimented with the parts and drew a plan.  Next, the k/1 inventors built their systems by running many tests and solving problems.  Finally, they gave a presentation in a Flipgrid video of how the ball moves and how the system works.  We encourage you and your family to watch all the presentations.  Great job, k/1 designers!

John’s class –

Amparo’s class –

Final Days of School

Remember that May 29 is the final day of remote learning assignments and reading groups.  Awesome job, k/1 students and families! 

Next week we will only have a morning circle at 10am on Monday to Friday.

Please watch the End of Year Program video with your child before our final circle on Friday, June 5th.  We will post the link to the video in Google Classroom by Thursday, June 4th.

We created a menu of field day activities for you and your child to enjoy next week:

Date Choose one of the following suggested activities each day.

June 1

  1. Create an outdoor sculpture using found objects. 
  2. Build an outdoor obstacle course for you to move through.

June 2

  1. Create an outdoor chalk drawing that tells a story.
  2. Build an outdoor obstacle course for a ball to move through.  Try to keep the ball moving through the course without touching it.
Wednesday, June 3
  1. Build an outdoor community using found objects.  Create characters who live in the community and invent ways that they help each other.
  2. Play “Prepare the Treasure Game.”  Hide a treasure outside. Create 5 clues that lead to the treasure. The first clue leads to the second.  The second leads to the third.  The third leads to the fourth.  The fourth leads to the fifth and the fifth to the treasure.  Give the first clue to a friend and see if they can find the treasure.
Thursday, June 4
  1. Play “Pass the Water Game” in your yard.  Measure a small quantity of water.  Give each player a cup.  Create a chain and pass the water from the first to the last cup without spilling a single drop.  Measure the water at the end to see if you conserved all the water.  
  2. Do a service project in your yard.  Ask your family what you can do to help.  Here are some ideas:  pull weeds, pick up old leaves, plant flowers or vegetables, sweep the patio or deck, organize outdoor toys, water the plants, etc.

June 5

  1. Make paper airplanes and fly them in your yard.  Try to improve your design with each attempt so that the planes fly a greater distance or do fun tricks in the air.
  2. Design costumes and create a short skit or play.  Teach your siblings how to represent their roles.  Set up chairs and a stage area in your yard and perform the play for your family.

 Have a great weekend!

k/1 team