Sharing time:


K1 students will bring and share a talent or meaningful object from home once a week.   This gives the children the opportunity to get to know each other more and to practice oral communication and social skills.  We encourage children to bring items to share that are in some way related to the current unit of inquiry.  Please remember that they may only bring toys to school on their assigned day and they must remain in their backpacks except during their presentations.


John’s sharing schedule:

Lunes – Mason, Alfredo, Ananda, Javier

Martes – Oliver, Caden, Charlie, Jordan

Miércoles – Elise, Abby, Rasmus

Jueves – Max, Frances, Jasper

Viernes – Thunder, Sophie, Margot


Amparo’s Sharing Time Schedule:

Lunes – Adeline, Becket, Cade, Camilla
Martes – Chance, Della, Ellis, Emery
Miércoles – Emmerich, Eric, Gabriel
Jueves – Harvee, Jasper, Orson
Viernes – Qasim, Reece, Welles,William