Balanced Literacy Program

In K1, we provide students with a balanced literacy program which integrates various forms of instruction and is based on ongoing assessment of developing reading, writing, and oral communication skills.  The instruction includes both independent and guided learning experiences and uses a workshop model approach.

Ongoing assessment

Reading, writing, and oral communication are developed through a process in which each child progresses at his or her own individual pace.  We use various assessment tools to monitor and support student progress and determine next steps for learning.

How to help at home?

Reading to your child every day in any language will ultimately increase their enthusiasm for learning in books.

Be specific when giving your child praise for their language accomplishments at home.  For example, instead of saying “great work”, try “I really like the way you used bright colors”, “I enjoyed reading the surprising end to your story”, or “You really made the voices of those characters come alive when you read the book”.