k1 classes


Our K1 curriculum is designed based on the IB’s Primary Years Program framework.  This includes 6 units of inquiry per year which span 6 different transdisciplinary themes that integrate math, language, science, social studies, technology, music, art, and other areas.

The PYP framework also promotes the development of the IB learner profile, skills, knowledge, concepts, positive attitudes, and student-initiated action.


Research proves that learning a second language enhances a child’s understanding and development of their first language.

We teach using a 100% immersion model in K1 classrooms.  Our immersion approach to learning works because our units of inquiry and other components of the curriculum provide meaningful social contexts for acquiring the language.

We understand that not all students possess the same experience level with the second language.  Therefore, we use a variety of strategies to assist all individuals to continue building off of what they already know.